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About Classic Hifi

Vintage high fidelity collection

Since 2010, Classic Hifi selects and collects the best of vintage Hi-Fi equipment covering a period from early 60's to late 80's.

On this site you will find restored and guaranteed collector's items: high-fidelity equipment with a timeless design, offering the discerning connoisseur an unparalleled listening quality.

Classic Hifi revives a whole era, a (counter) culture: To your vinyl records, your CDs, tapes or cassettes! A cure of youth guaranteed!


Let's protect our ears and more globally our brain! Save our planetary resources, consume better or more reasonably; In short, you want to complete, restore or even replace your current high-fidelity installations (or simply document yourself)? "Let the music play": This is where it happens ...

Classic Hifi

Our site and other projects

With 20,000 unique monthly visitors, our site has become a reference for fans of vintage equipment high-fidelity quality.


You will find, among other things, listed and referenced brands and products that have punctuated the history of HI-Fi.


A real museum of virtual sound, we want it as a platform for exchanges for audiophile amateurs and knowledgeable collectors.


This Classic Hifi website also serves as a showcase for old models of sound equipment repaired, restored, restored as close as possible to the state or their original sound, and that we specifically target our future Museum Sound Heritage.


We organize occasional events - usually held once a year in the spring - to discover or rediscover to a wide audience the extent of artistic and industrial creation in sound reproduction.


Tomorrow, Classic Hifi also plans to offer a show-sale open to enthusiasts, with a real auditorium accessible by appointment.

Classic Hifi

Sale, warranty and repairs

Classic Hifi offers on this site used equipment maintained over time by our expert technicians to preserve these famous sounds and vintage quality. Classic Hifi does not repair your Hi-Fi devices. If necessary, we only restore ours, that is to say those that you find in our catalog. For your Hi-Fi Vintage repairs, consult the list of our partner technicians. We do not sell spare parts (no service or user manuals, new accessories or cables).

Concerning the material offered on the website...

All amps, players, decks and speakers offered for sale on this site have been (or will be) revised and guaranteed by passionate repairers with whom we regularly collaborate. These are products scrupulously selected by us for their exceptional quality of sound reproduction and their remarkable condition. Consult us to know our rates, to reserve a listening by appointment or to attend a demonstration.


Remote shipping is possible depending on the type of material. Hand delivery with highly privileged installation and configuration at home - with listening possible in selected auditoriums.

Classic Hifi

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