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Selected providers

We regularly select for you experts for all your repairs and maintenance of your devices.

The experts

Do you have the soul of a technician? Kid you used to diassemble then ASSEMBLE all the hifi devices that fell into your hands. You have learned or better, since understood how it worked, and you enjoy repair or restore.

Become the CA referent repairer. Welcome ladies - of our Classic HiFi equipment.


To be one of us and fight the dark side of the Force, apply through our contact form to become a Friend-Friend Expert! First we test you on a first reference hifi classic, then we validate the term...



AMPLIFICATION CONSTRUCTION + REPAIR, restoration and optimization of SPEAKERS in Béziers  


Classic Hifi warmly and warmly recommends the services of ATELIERS FERTIN Béziers, pioneer hifist expert speakers.


Maître Michel Fertin is a living myth of Hi-Fi in France, and Catherine, his daughter takes up the torch with panache.


Contact EM SPEAKERS for any construction, restoration, repair or optimization of HP and speakers - like our ancient columns PHILIPS AD5046N above [columns in private collection, excluding trade - pair for the future Museum of Sound & HiFi Vintage] THE SOUND is not airborne, it can also feel differently, by touch, vibratory mode (as with the vibrating stone of the top photo), via Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, or 14 by the eye, with the colors

PARTNERS shops - MANUFACTURERS, inventors - MUSEUM of ancient hifi


WOOFER & BOOMER is an awesome concept-store mixing modern hi-fi and old restored high-fidelity machines, such as these sublime spherical American PA speakers Soundsphere SONIC SYSTEMS Q15 Vintage


Right in the city center, this pure "retro-modern UFO" sarthois sells on 2 floors new & used vinyl records, T-shirts & posters, new and old hifi, as well as objects or furniture of original decoration - Held by bassist Denis FREZET, Woofer & Boomer bluffs you from Tuesday to Saturday at 30 Promenade du Grand Mail, 72400

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